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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Revamped spoon or crooked knife case for the Mora

I did a little more work on my Mora crooked knife case. Theres a bit of confusion with these knives. Theyre called "crooked", "bent", "curved", and "spoon" knives by different dealers. I'll just call it either crooked or spoon. The old time crooked knife had a funny looking handle and the end of the blade was bent a bit. If you do a web search, you'll see for yourself. One great site that shows lots of photos is called Moctaugan and here's a link:

Here are a few photos of the updated case I made. I just did a little material removal to make it a tiny bit lighter. In fact, it does look more interesting, yes?

link to tutorial:

1 comment:

Bob Tinsley said...

Thanks for the tutorial on making these cases. After reading it I made one for each of my three Del Stubbs crooked knives. They came with some foam sheaths, but they were starting to get kinda beat up. Now they are protected better than ever. I made one modification in that I made them so the lid could be lifted up and swung out of the way to remove the knife. Less chance of loosing the lid, and believe me, I could loose a full-sized anchor in my bathroom!