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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crooked Knife Case Tutorial

I recently bought a Mora crooked knife from Bens Backwoods store. I saw an article on Jon's Bushcraft about building a "crook" knife case. Here's a link to his article :

The only difference between his construction method and mine was the use of a carbide rasp instead of burning the groove for the knife blade. Also, mine is "sharp edge up".

The first two photos show the Mora model #164 crooked knife.

Here I penciled the outline of the blade on a piece of basswood.

This line shows the depth of the blade into the basswood block.

After securing the block to my carving jig I started drilling the holes following the blade outline.

Here's a photo of the block after all the holes have been drilled. You can see the carbide rasp in the Dremel tool.

This photo shows the groove after I finished routing it out with the carbide rasp.

The blade fits perfectly.

Here's a side shot of the knife in the block.

This is a closeup of the carbide rasp.

Next I cut a thin piece of basswood for the lid and drilled it after fastening it to the block with a "C" clamp. The dowel rod is a tiny bit larger in diameter than the hole. This makes for a nice tight fit. I still had to sand it a little as it was too tight.

Here's a photo of the lid on the block with the dowel rod fully inserted.

Next I carefully removed the lid and cut off the excess dowel rod.

Then I scored the circumference of the dowel to better hold the glue. I used some fast drying arrow nock glue.

Here's a photo of the lid with the dowel glued in place.

Here's a closeup of the dowel showing the score marks. It helped secure the dowel to the lid quite well.

After trimming the corners from the block and lid and a bit of sanding the case is finished. All that's left to do is a final sanding and its done.

Top view:

Side view:

Bottom view:

As you can see the lid is very secure.

Thanks for reading my blog!


American Bushman said...

VERY slick tutorial.

I have a crooked knife and have no case for it. I just hope I reach for it in my pack and it's handle-up to prevent cut fingers.

I'm going to have to give this a try.

Outstanding post.


Web CRM said...

I am sure this will interest lot of folks

forest wisdom said...

Outstanding work. And thank you for those book recommendations in the previous post. I am new to your blog and enjoying it very much.

Peace to you