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Monday, September 20, 2021

Time for an update and what are your marketable skills?

  Its been one busy year and now I can take a breath. Work has slowed down to a crawl and now we await the holiday rush for people to order plants. We've been busy doing upgrades to lighting, building stands, greenhouses, etc and stocking up on fall veggie plants to grow and sale. The weather is almost bearable and I look forward to spending the full day outside working. In the summer its a bear. Hot and humid by 11 AM. I usually get about 6 hours in if I'm lucky. In the fall and winter its downright enjoyable outside. Oh, and hunting season is soon to be here. Yay.

Now as far as marketable skills, I'm talking about skills that can be used in a post apocalypse/economic collapse/alien invasion, whatever your poison. For instance here's a list of mine:

half decent blacksmith

electronics and communications




leather working



medical aid

extensive knowledge of edible and medicinal plants - uses & identification




Some of these skills I'm pretty strong in and some at least a good working knowledge. All of these would make me a very good candidate to be accepted by a group in said apocalyptic situation. Make a list of yours and tuck it away in your head and be ready to prove yourself if the situation arises to join a group of preppers/survivalists/zombie hunters, whatever. Now is a good time to improve any saleable skills you have. Remember. No one is going to take your word for it unless they know you and have seen you in action-be ready to show your talents and "walk the walk". So, with that I bid all farewell for now and don't just survive. Thrive!

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