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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Haywire Klamper a cool new tool and walking stick fix

This refers to this post from some time back: walking stick or staff:hiking staff or stick  I did a modification to my walking stick. I had a piece of heavy duty bike tire held onto the bottom with a hose clamp. It looked really ghetto and crappy. I have been eyeing this tool lately: haywire klamper and its worth every penny. Here is a shot of before and after:

Before-the ugly hose clamp

Wired with the Klamper

back side view
I think the wire looks a heck of a lot better. If you are curious about this tool check out the you tube video posted on the sellers site. I was impressed and I can see a lot of uses for this critter. I first saw it on Survivalblog. Good stuff and made in the USA!!! I cleaned up the rubber around the tip so it looks a lot nicer. The rubber adds a good grip and also silences the stick so I don't startle wildlife when I'm out walking. I get some good photos if the animals aren't too upset.

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