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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Idaho Fish & Game

Today was a "free" fishing day. I'm not sure but I think its a day when anyone can fish, license or not and I also believe its to get kids into the outdoors. I'm 100% behind that! Get the kids the hell away from the mind numbing TV and stupid video games! Turn off the damn cell phone and put your thumb on that Zebco, junior! Here are a few pictures I took yesterday evening on my daily walk. The boys and girls from Idaho Fish & Game were dropping net loads of trout into the local ponds at Wilson Springs. Some of the trout were 2+ pounder's!!  Sweet! I managed to get a few shots of them as they were getting accustomed to their new surroundings. By the way, I found out what species of Oriole is in the picture I posted Thursday, June 6 and updated the caption.

Idaho Fish & Game truck-the long handles are for the nets they use to transfer fish from the tanks to the ponds, etc.

Idaho Fish & Game truck-thats a standard oxygen tank on the back.

Freshly stocked trout. Some nice sized fish!

More trout.
The creek and some interesting aquatic plants.

More aquatic plants.

A wider shot of the creek. Its about 3 feet deep here. That water is very clean & clear!

Excellent habitat for fish, birds, etc. That's an ash tree growing across the creek.

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