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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nampa Parks & Recreation

Today there was a event put on by the Nampa Department of Parks & Recreation concerning the very fine trails and bike paths here. There were some things for the kids like a scavenger hunt and a raffle for a nice new bicycle. This kicks off the bicycling and walking week and on Saturday it all concludes with a bike race downtown. Earlier this morning I hit the trail heading west and saw a nice big slider sitting on the bank getting some sun. The rest of the photos are from the event that took place from 3-5PM today. There are some really great trails here and if you are into birdwatching, nature or just like to get out in the country check it out. Its worth the trip.

This is blown up version of the map that is currently available from Nampa Parks & Rec. The green lines are trails at present and the green dotted lines are future projects.

Heres the sunshade and table. The fellow in the green shirt was very helpful as were all the staff. This is also the parking area for trail users off of Sunnyridge Road

This is the Wilson Pathway trail headed west.

This is the creek next to the trail. Beautiful, isn't it?

Here's a shot of the Wilson Pathway trail headed east. The trail is paved for quite a ways and to the left of the black pavement. This will take you to the Wilson Springs ponds and the Anderson Wetlands. This is just off of Sunnyridge Road.
Here's Mr. slider doing what turtles do best.


The Geezer said...

Hope you enjoy your move to Idaho!

The Nampa area is very nice. They have pretty good weather year round and if you have a boat of any kind you have access to the Snake River drainage.

Looks like you're already getting out and about! Stay busy, my friend!


Ron Layton said...

Thanks Steve
I am planing a trip to Celebration park in the near future. Can't wait to explore that area and its on the Snake river. From what I've read its a pretty cool place. I'll have plenty of photos to post.
Take care buddy!