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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hiking staff ideas

Heres a photo of my hiking staff. Notice the extremely handsome fellow holding it. The fancy top is a chrome plated brass knob with a shaft about 3 inches long. I drilled a hole big enough for the shaft to fit in and glued it with liquid nails. It adds a bit of weight to the stick as well as a hard point for fending off wild critters, 2 and 4 legged. You may notice that duct tape and liquid nails are the two most essential tools in my survival kit. I never go anywhere without them. Good stuff.

Heres a photo of the bottom. Its heavy brass tubing I salvaged from an old brass headboard from a bed. This will protect the end from mushrooming and splitting. I drilled through the brass and wood and drove some small nails into it. It covers the bottom as well as the sides like a cap.

Heres a close up of the end cap.

This photo shows the markings burnt into the staff with a wood burning pen. I marked it off at one, two, and three foot increments. It helps to make measurements in the wilds at times.

This photo shows the reverse side of the staff. I burnt marks every inch for a foot length.

The staff is a limb from a eucalyptus tree I salvaged in the desert of Arizona. Its very strong wood and should last quite a while.

Heres a photo of the top of the staff.

This is a photo of my initials. Backwards "R" connected to an "L". I've used this for years on my art work and wood work.

Thanks for looking and enjoy. I hope you've been inspired to personalize your gear.


Ed said...

After many years thinking about it, I'm making one as well, Your "personalizing ideas have definitely got me thinking. Thanks, Ed

D. Merritt said...

Ron-I want to get a hiking staff and try to burn my life story into it using Indian sign. What type of wood would be the best kind to use?

Ron Layton said...

Hi D
Use any hardwood such as hickory, oak, maple, ash, etc. Hardwood lasts a lot longer and is stronger than most softwoods such as pine.