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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Case for the Mora 163 curved blade carving knife

I just bought a More #163 curved knife from Bens Backwoods. I like these type blades for carving spoons, bowls, trenchers, mugs, noggins, etc. It will go along well with my Mora #164 hook knife. Today I made a case from a piece of poplar wood.
Here's a link to the tutorial I did on the Mora #164 case:

First, I trace an outline of the blade and drill holes along its length.

This mark is on the side to show how deep to set the carbide drill/rasp depth for the blade.

Here the channel is drilled out. The hammer is to knock out the sawdust as I cut the channel.

These lines are where I'll cut the board.

Here's a shot of the tungsten carbide drill/rasp. These things are great for removing stock and other cutting & grinding chores.

A perfect fit.

Here's the lid. I glued on a piece of the same wood to the bottom just to even it out & make it look nice.

The lid & bottom is from a piece of basswood board 1/8" thick.

Here I made some indents with a round file into the lid and sides of the case.

The indents hold the ranger bands in place and make a nice safe home for this very sharp blade.
All I need to do is sand it a little to take off any sharp edges. This whole project took all of an hour to do.


Kepis said...

Nice solution.

It will be interesting to see how you get on with this spoon blade, i ended up dulling down one edge on mine to make it safer as i kept wanting to choke up on the blade and couldnt due to the double edge.

Ron Layton said...

Hi Kepis! I know what you mean about wanting to choke up on the little sucker. I bought it for the reason of having two sharp edges so I'll have to be extra careful. Glad I have lots of bandaids and wimpwrap! Take care. Good hearing from you.