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Thursday, January 14, 2010

World War Two Survival fishing kit

Heres a scan from Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine that shows some survival fishing gear from world war 2. The hand lines and other gear in the photo at right go into the pockets of the apron like belt shown at top left. Left click on the photo to blow it up for better viewing.

For some photos of my home made hand lines see this link:


Adrian said...

Nice to see the fishing kit that has survived during world war 2. Many human beings lost their during the war, but these fishing nets have survived

Ron Layton said...

Sad but true. Too many people lost their lives during the war. Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo had to be stopped. My dad and most of my uncles fought all over the world in WW2 so I have a first hand knowledge of what went on. But they never talked about actual combat. Its the unspoken rule.

Torjus Gaaren said...

Interesting fishing kit.

Pork rind for bait is something I haven't tried, but now I will!