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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hand lines for fishing

Here's a pair of hand lines I made for my wife and I. They're made from a piece of lathing and a dowel rod, all recycled material. The leather containers are made from a recycled Barca Lounger. Water proof wood glue was used to hold everything together but you could use epoxy if you waned. I tie about 100 feet of 30 lb. test Spyder Wire line to the center rod. They're more than capable of handling a good sized fish. Overall length is about 10 inches. It took me about an hour to make everything.


Charley said...

Nice post Ron. What type of fish do you usually catch using that kind of set up? I am enjoying your blog.

Ron Layton said...

Hi Charley
Mostly small fish on the order of a foot long or so such as trout, bass, and catfish. It would hold a good sized cat but you have to wear gloves or work the line with a small stick when using Spyder Wire or other "wonder line" so you don't cut your hands. The reel is very sturdy and should hold up to a lot of use. I mounted it to a makeshift pole with cable ties and it worked great and would probably handle a good sized fish.