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Thursday, January 7, 2010

KA-BAR BK9 update

Here's a brief update on the BK9. I found the handle to be a bit slippery when I use it with dry hands. After I get a bit of a sweat going its no problem. To remedy the situation I wrapped the handle with some black "self adhesive" or "sport wrap" type tape I had laying around. It works like a charm and gives a much better grip. You can buy this stuff at drug stores, too. I recycle mine when I go to the Doc's for blood testing or when Mrs Wifey gives blood. They use this stuff a lot these days instead of adhesive bandages or tape. I must have 6 different colors laying around here.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I like your write-up of the BK-9. I too appreciate the utility of Ethan Becker's designs, and in the past, to improve grip, I've stretched inner tube over the relatively slick handle scales. If you try this fix, just be sure to do so with the blade in the sheath to avoid getting cut. It takes some tugging and rolling, but it's worth it in the end.

Gene said...

i thought about purchasing this blade well this or the becker brute cause i have that damn sword affinity and the brute goes 15 inches lol