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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the Hell is happening to America?

I follow 36+ blogs and belong to a lot of different forums. I see a lot of "doom & gloom" and rightfully so. But, I think it would be more constructive now if we were to concentrate on spreading our knowledge and skills. I believe most everyone knows that the country is heading for the Big Shitter (PMF)! If they don't, then congratulations for being a resident of the planet Mars. We as bloggers need to spread the word about self sufficiency, low cost living, gardening, small livestock, stocking up & putting food by, what gear to have & how not to go broke buying/making it, and other things related to survival/bushcraft/primitive skills. We have a combined knowledge base that would probably fill several libraries. Lets put it to use.
I'm going to start posting some lists containing the names of very good books about the above mentioned topics. These books are all available free and building a digital library only costs what you pay for internet. I will have detailed links so you can go directly to the source and start downloading. Knowledge is power and freedom. Stop wasting time looking at the news/sports/doom & gloom stuff and get ready. You are responsible for yourself and your family. No one else can or more than likely,will, take care of you/them.
If there's anything anyone wants me to post about I'll be glad to oblige to the best of my ability. Time is short and preps need to be made NOW!

1 comment:

Jumper said...

I wish we returned to the days of "root cellar" when basements are not present. My friends tried to stock up an emergency supply of food but left it in a hot shed. Horrible place for rations.

I personally could use a cellar full of jars of preserves, including pickled vegetables and home-canned tomato ketchups, etc. The old timers knew they could make it through on that. They wouldn't like it, but they could if they had to. Of course then bags of flour and beans were bigger. I suppose nowadays a steel drum topped off with nitrogen before sealing would preserve dry corn and beans and flour, etc. real nicely.