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Monday, March 23, 2009

Putting a handle on the Lauri blade update

This is an answer to a question from Matthew on "how did I seat the tail end of the handle?". First I took a cut off disk in my Dremel and made two small notches in the side of the tang near the end. I then drilled an undersized hole in the dime I used for the tail piece. I forced the dime on with a very small ball peen hammer and then used a small chisel to push the silver into the notches. The blade was set point first in the cross grain on a piece of scrap oak while I did the hammering/chiseling. This prevented it from being driven into the board too deep. The blade was protected by masking tape. ALWAYS tape the cutting edge on any knife you work on. It will save you a trip to the ER.I hope this answered your question.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the information.