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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down, but not out

Here's a photo of a variety of Oregon carnelians. These were gathered on the Pacific coast. They are also known as beach agates. My wife and I went to a gem show Sunday and I bought a bucket of odds and ends and these were in it. I should be able to get a few nice points out of this material. I also picked up a nice boulder of Lavic siding jasper. This stuff comes from the Mojave desert of California. Its usually brown, red or yellow and a mixture of all three. I'll get a photo on here soon. There were several slabs of obsidian in the deal including mahogany and rainbow sheen. I like knapping slabs since stock removal is half way done.

I've decided that I will not let my bum shoulder put me out of action. Typing is a chore but since I chicken peck anyway, doing the one hand shuffle isn't so bad. Fortunately my wife, Cate, has a strong back and was able to help me load these goodies into the car. After I bust out a few arrow points or knives from this stuff , I'll post pictures.

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