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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home made camping stoves

I was looking at Mungo's blog and came upon his "Ikea" wood burning camp stove. I've been looking at the "Bush Buddy" but $100+ seems ridiculous! Does anyone else have any plans for their own designs? I'll post them here if you would like. Maybe make an archive of do-it-yourself camp stoves? Who knows..............


Darrell said...

Perhaps this "pocket" cooker may fit the bill? Cheers.

Southern Woods Woman said...

I've got one of those folding stoves from and a couple of homemade hobo stoves made from large coffee cans. They will heat water or soup in about five minutes. The heat lasts longer and is more stable if you use charcoal briquettes. I like these small stoves because they are safer than a campfire when the woods are dry in summer and there is a fire ban.

You can see my hobo stove I mounted to my metal boat at my YouTube website. Snocamo154 at YouTube. Heated approximately two cups of water in about six minutes in the video.