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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camp Spoons

Here is a short tutorial on my "camping spoons". They are made from a fallen limb of western red cedar. This is a fairly hard and dense wood. The end product is very sturdy and good looking. First part is roughing out the pattern. I do this with a small saw and hand plane. Then I carve the bowl section out. My reason for this is two fold: there is room for error and the handle on such a small spoon would probably break off while gouging out the bowl.

Here's a photo of the rough blank and the tools I use. Clockwise: spoon blank, small hand plane, Nicholson rasp/chisel with modified handle,Warren small bent gouge, X-Acto large router blade in #2 handle and small hacksaw with wood cutting blade.

This is a photo of the blank with the beginning of the cut where the handle meets the bowl.

Here's a side shot of the blank. From here on its simply stock removal and final shaping and sanding. The finished spoons are shown in my last post.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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