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Monday, July 28, 2008

Some new gear

I just opened a package of gear I ordered from my friend Ben. He sells a variety of quality gear for camping and survival. I linked to his store in this post. Ben is a fair and honest man and you can't do better than dealing with him.

First photo shows some blades I bought. The first is a Mora #1 carbon steel blade. The blade length is 3 3/4", .079" thick OAL 7 3/4". Its good Swedish steel! I plan on using deer or elk antler to finish this one. Cost: $6.75

The second blade is a real beauty! Its a Lauri progressive temper carbon steel blade. Blade length 3.7", OAL 8 1/4"and 3MM thick. When you look at the blade from an angle you can easily see the progressive temper line. This blade is scary sharp right out of the box! Its made of good Finnish steel. I'll mount this one in an antler handle, too. Cost: $19.98

Next is the Zebra pot. I bought two of these, one for the wife and one for me. They are the 14CM. Its 5 1/2" diameter, 6 1/4" high with lid and holds 64 oz. Weight 1 pound 10 oz. They are 18-10 grade stainless steel. It has a nesting insert that can be used as a skillet or bowl. This is a very high quality pot and as Ben says "it's pass down to your kids type of gear". Cost: $24.98

Heres another shot from topside.

This photo shows the plastic snaps that hold the lid on when the bail is up. They keep the pot, insert and lid from rattling, too. You remove them before cooking. They are easy to take off and re-attach.

Heres a shot with the bail up lockingthe snaps.

I also ordered two 90' lengths of paracord. This is the real 7 strand stuff and cost $6.99 each.

Have a look at his store and maybe you'll see something you need.

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