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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Food storage buckets

I use plastic food grade buckets for storing food. The ones I get from restaurants for free are food grade. You can also buy them brand new. The important thing to remember is FOOD GRADE plastic. Some plastic will leach chemicals into your food that you don't want to eat. I once picked up a dozen buckets that were used for pool chlorine when I first started storing food. Even after washing them a dozen times and letting them air out for a few weeks they still reeked of chlorine. Not good for food storage but useful for storing some tools and non edibles. As for lids, I really like Gamma Seal lids. They screw off rather than peal off like regular lids. A bit more expensive but great for buckets that you may be opening frequently.

Heres some links to food storage grade buckets and lids. The first is for the popular Gamma Seal lid.

Next is the regular, cheaper lid.

Here are 5 gallon buckets. Notice they are FDA approved. This means food grade.

Here are 6 & 7 gallon buckets. I prefer the 5 & 6 gallon size. These are FDA approved.

Heres a link to oxygen absorbers as well as how to use them.

Heres a link on oxygen absorbers, desiccants, and diatomaceous earth for protecting storage food.

Another popular method of protecting storage food is dry ice (CO2) and nitrogen. Heres an informative link on those process's.

Some folks like to put their loose grain, seeds, beans, etc. in mylar bags. Heres a link.

I hope this information has helped you and inspires you to start your own storage program. With stored food you cant go wrong. If nothing ever happens, you can just eat it anyway.

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