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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping trip

We did an overnight camp out this past weekend and tested out some new gear. We go to the Sequoia National Forest which is about an hour east of us. This first photo shows one of the sequoia trees.

Here's a photo of me standing at the base of the tree. Its at least 40 feet in circumference at head level.

This is a shot of our camp. Those are sequoia stumps. The car is about three feet away from the stump on the right. They're huge!

Here's a shot of one of our new Zebra pots we bought from Bens Backwoods store. We were very pleased with them.

This is a shot of the Zebra pot bowl inserts in use. Those are sequoia cones next to the coffee cup. They're smaller than one would imagine considering they come from the largest tree in the world.

Here's a bowl of black berries we picked on the way home. Yummy!

This is a shot of hazel nuts. These usually don't make it to the ripe stage as the squirrels clean them up. There was a family of hawks in the area and they were teaching the young ones to hunt. We saw no squirrels on this trip.

Here's a close up shot of hazel nuts.

Here's a shot of some black raspberries.

These are spiny gooseberries.

Here's a cluster of elderberry flowers. The elderberries at valley floor level are already ripe. Our camp is at 6200 feet elevation.

The next three shots are of the woods we hiked through. Beautiful! Mostly sequoia, white fir, western red cedar and lodge pole pines. The wet areas have a lot of ferns and some good edible species such as chickweed, twisted stalk, sweet cicely, berries, cleavers, cow parsnip and miners lettuce.

Hope you enjoyed the show.


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Great photos, wow those trees are huge! I'm thinking of getting a Zebra pot from Ben's Backwoods... good to see you like them.

Beatrice said...

It's a nice place for camping trip.... would also love to be there for mine.