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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Still among the living and way too many bugs!

I have been so busy with the farm these past several months. I have been putting in all kinds of crops, building and improving pens for the various critters, and have had nearly no time to play or make stuff. In February I did manage to go to the Primitive Festival at Ochlockonee State Park just a few miles south of me. I bought some really nice stone for knapping and carving and I got to see some fantastic stuff like bows, atl atl's, and tons of rock and knapped wares. So many fantastic artists out there......
The bugs are and have been out for a while. During the early spring it was sand gnats and no-see-ums. Now its those wonderful things plus mosquitos, horse flies and all kinds of bees and wasps. You just have to know how to dress and have a good bug net for your head. I'll be doing a review of a bug headnet I got from my friend Ben at Bens Backwoods. I also have one that my sweet Annie made for me. Both of them will be shown in a future article.
We have been fortunate in increasing the number of very rare American Buff geese this spring. We now have 9 altogether. 6 babies were born two weeks ago, but, sadly we lost one of our geese, Sneezy, to being egg bound and she died.
Now that I have things under control (!?!?!?) I'll be able to write once in a while. Stay tuned for further adventures........
Newly hatched American Buff

Squash plants in pallets

American Buff chick a few hours old
Dolly the goat and her new digs

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