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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My morning in Boise, Idaho

I had a VA appointment today in Boise so between doctor visits I decided to spend a little while in the Julia Davis park. Its next to downtown and is easily reached by way of West Myrtle street or South Capitol Boulevard. Its a fairly big park and the other one of like size is Ann Morrison park to the west. Its a good place to watch the wildlife and the not so wild life. Boise State University is next door and lots and lots of pretty girls use the park for running, walking and bicycling. Beautiful scenery ;-)!! There is a very well kept rose garden at the north end. Also nearby in the park are several old houses of historic interest and a Lewis & Clark exhibit. The art museum, Idaho Black History museum, Idaho History museum and zoo are part of the park. I took a lot of photos to share. Enjoy!!

Basalt columns

Basalt columns

Basalt columns-this stone makes up the southwestern part of Idaho and it can be used to make tools. Its a very tough rock!

Catalpa flower

This picture and the following are of the Rose Garden

Honest Abe without his silver vampire axe.

Idaho Black History museum

Part of the Lewis & Clark exhibit.

Logan House

Adelmann house

Logan house

Coston log cabin

State of Idaho Historical Museum

Julia Davis statue

Julia Davis statue

This and the rest are from the Lewis & Clark exhibit. Coincidentally, I have just begun to read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, a book about the expedition. I highly recommend it if you are a Lewis & Clark fan.

This plaque helps explain the basalt columns a little. The rock at the bottom is vesicular (bubbly) basalt. Top is sandstone and middle is quartzite.

And last but not least a photo of a Common Merganser on the Boise river which is the southern boundary of the park.

Another shot of Mr. Merganser.

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