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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I love Idaho!!

Yours truly after a great hike to the top of Jump Creek in the Owyhee mountains. The Oregon border is 2 miles to the west.
I love Idaho! Its been one good time after another. I got my concealed permit and I can buy any kind of firearm I choose! The local economy is going strong. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately. Here are a few to wet your appetite.

Look at all those AR's!!! Sportsmans Warehouse in Nampa.

One of my local haunts-5 walking minutes from home.

One of the ponds at Wilson Springs.

This area is rich in wildlife and plenty of  cattails.

Ducks and geese everywhere! I don't know if this is a major flyway but I have never seen so many birds of different species.

More wetland-two varieties of cattail grow here side by side.
Red wing blackbird-these guys are everywhere! I love to mimic their call-they get all antsy and start flying at me thinking I am the "competition".

Bullocks Oriole-male in breeding plumage according to my Nat. Geo. Birds of NA, 4th ed..

One of the many ponds-bass and trout are plentiful.
This is the canyon at Jump Creek.The trail is straight up and I took this at the top.

Jump Creek Canyon-its all volcanic rock like most of southwest Idaho and the adjoining states of Nevada and Oregon. Lots of interesting minerals to be found in the surrounding hills!

Top of Jump Creek looking east-Boise mountains in the distance and the Sawtooth range barely visible behind them

Gooseberry Globemallow, Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia. The "gooseberry" is alluding to the similar shaped leaves.

Looking up the creek at the bottom of the canyon-lots of alder trees and several useful plants like teasel, elderberry and mullien. I saw the tallest poison ivy plants I have ever seen here! And plenty of them! It makes me want to scratch just thinking about them!
This is a creek flowing past my house. Its loaded with good size trout. Lots of ducks and I saw a few muskrat.

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