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Friday, May 17, 2013

Whats happening

I am no longer living in California. I have moved to Boise, Idaho. Just like MLK said "I'm free at last". The dear wife has decided to become ex wife. Why? I have no clue. She just decided to get a divorce without rime or reason. Her loss. Its beautiful here. I lived here in 2003 so things have changed a little but its still a very friendly town and the people are really polite. A total 180 degree contrast to California. At least the part I'm from. There is a lot of outdoors activity here such as hunting, fishing and hiking. I can't wait to drop a line into the Snake river and nail one of those fine Idaho trout. The VA hospital here is one of the finest in the nation, at least its one of the top 10. They have done wonders for my vision. I can see with my glass's like I could 10 years ago. I will get my trusty .357 out and do some plinking and get ready for hunting season if I qualify for residency in time. There are plenty of elk and mulies so I should have some fun. I have scouted a long stretch of the Snake river and there are abundant resources to continue my primitive skills practice. The Boise river runs right through town and has some good fishing opportunities as well as  resource's for primitive skills and survival skills practice.  The air here is so clean and pure and I have not used my inhaler once. I will get back to posting and share my new adventures with all of my faithful followers. Until next time take care and God bless all of you.

1 comment:

Sam Chapman said...

Great to see you back posting. Sorry about the marriage thing, though if she'd just leave like that you're probably better off.
The new area sounds exciting too!