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Friday, February 18, 2011

Crosman 1377c pellet pistol update.

I received a lot of questions so I'll attempt to answer them here. The pistol sells for $54 at WalMart. Its in a blister pack hanging on the wall next to the pellets, etc.. The Scope is an old Swift Mark I I've had for years and is a 4 x 40 wide angle view. Its a very good scope and has been on a few different rifles. The parts were bought from Crosman, Charlie Mellon and Airguns of Arizona. I bought two Crosman pellet holders from Pyramid Air. These hold 16 pellets and make it easy to load in tight spaces such as under the scope of this gun. Most folks only put 8 or so pellets in the holder so the handle doesn't stick out too far.  All of the parts were ordered on line and came in the mail. There are no restrictions on selling/buying parts and air guns except you must be 18 to purchase an air gun here in California. The only mechanical work I had to do was widen a hole with an electric drill and sand the inside of the air tube where the cut outs and holes are to remove burrs. Basically a simple screwdriver and sweat job. I lubed all the seals and pivot joints with Pelgun oil. Thats about it. Pretty simple to do and the results were well worth it.


Joseph Balcher said...

Did the stock come with the pistol or is it aftermarket?

Ron Layton said...

The stock is after market and the cheapest one I found was on eBay. Take care & have fun!