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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Wow, that was quick!!! I just posted something about the water problem here and enviro nazis and I got 2 scathing, hateful comments about being "anti earth mother" and narrow minded. Geesh! Am I an environmentalist? Yes. A very big yes! So, what is the difference between me and some wacko who wants to stop all logging, fishing, hunting, herb collecting, desert use, rock collecting, etc? I don't consider myself an extremest. I use common sense. It makes me madder than blue hell when I take a walk down the canal or in the mountains and see garbage. Stuff that some lazy bastard could have picked up and taken home but, no, they have to throw it around and let everyone put up with the mess. I do bring a lot of trash home and trow it in the dumpster. When I see senseless destruction such as ax marks on a 1,000 year old sequoia tree it angers me to the point of rage. Senseless and there's a lot of it out there. What the hell are people thinking any more? Here in town the Hmong's (hill tribe refugees from Cambodia and Laos) go through the canals and creeks and gather ALL crayfish, tadpoles and fingerling bass, chubs, whatever moves, and take it home for soup. They get an annual payment from the US government of around $25,0000. plus whatever they get from welfare or a job. They don't have to do this. It sickens me when I see live crayfish walking around dieing because their tale has been ripped from their bodies and then the animal is discarded. When I go to the lake these same folks are catching EVERYTHING regardless of the game laws and keeping it "for soup". By the way, I mentioned this to a coworker and she immediately accused me of being a racist. BULL! If I see anyone, no matter what color,creed, or nationality doing something like this I think the same of them. I can't stand people like her who are programed and WON'T think for themselves. Do we need environmentalists? YES!!! We need to police our own ranks and make sure we are being good stewards but PLEASE!!! Lets not take it to extremes. I saw what happened in Missoula, Montana when the logging companies were told no more cutting. Lots of jobs were lost and local economies on the verge of ruin. The same thing happened at a mine I worked for in Wyoming. We were closed down for a month because some weirdo-wacko tree hugger thought, just THOUGHT we may some day decide to use cyanide to leach the gold from the ore. The company was tied up in court and had to sign sworn statements that it would never do on site heap leaching. A months a long time to go without a paycheck. I wonder how granola boy would have felt had it been him? And as for global warming? I have seen and heard enough about that fantasy bull crap. Al (Igor) Gore said the ice would all melt and the ocean would rise in a few years. Well Igor, old buddy, its been quite a few years past and the ocean hasn't risen and there's still lots of ice up north. Whu happened? Enviro nazis? Yes. They live and they multiply due to ignorance and false information. Do all that you can to help educate these poor folks and get them to take the red pill.

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