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Monday, August 31, 2009

Too many grasshoppers?

At work I mentioned the fact to a few friends that the fires in southern California are very bad. I then asked what they would do if they had to run or stay in place. How would they deal with no utilities, food, water or contact with the outside world? Well, sadly, most of them came up with the standard answers. Go to the store and buy stuff. The government will take care of us. (!!!) And "I'll just drive to a safe place" (and then what?) I asked if anyone had ever been in an emergency situation and one person remembers something about an earthquake shaking the bed at 3 am. When I told them what really happens in such scenarios all I saw were looks of horror. They mostly said "I can't afford to prep. It will take too much money and too much time" or "its too late to start now and besides, what if I never need it". My favorite was "you have all kinds of stuff, right?" My answer to the last statement was "sure I do but its far, far away in the mountains and if you show up at my house, I won't be there. You had better bring everything you need and hope you survive sitting in my driveway." This is a most common thought pattern. Either some one else will take care of you, you can run away, or you can go to some ones place who has thought ahead. All of which will get you very disappointed or maybe even killed. Depending on the circumstances of the situation I plan to leave most hurriedly. If its something that I know will be a very short term "uncomfortable situation" I will probably stay in place. Many things can be the deciding factor on whether I stay or leave. I have already warned people NOT to come near my house if something go's wrong. I'll take care of my immediate family and if I have a little extra, well maybe, just maybe. Its not a mean spirited thing. They all make way more than I do and if they didn't take the time and effort to prepare, that's not my baby. Sounds cold, doesn't it? Well, that's life. I have given folks more than ample opportunity to learn to prepare. What more can I do? It reminds me of the story I read when I was about 6 years old about the ant and the grasshopper. The ant and friends worked their butt's off storing up and the grasshopper laid around on his lazy ass watching and laughing. When TSHTF (winter came), Mr. Grasshopper went looking for Mr. Ant who was hunkered down with the goodies and Mr. Grasshopper ended up freezing his lazy, dumb ass to death. The ants ate his remains. The end.

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