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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Retirement? What retirement?

It happened to a friend of mine. He worked all his life for a steel mill in Johnstown, PA. Cambria Steel, to be exact. The company or whoever is responsible, lost all the retirement money. Can you frigging believe that? And that bastard, er I mean bastion of leftist, Democrat/communist politics, John Murtha, had the balls to say "Sorry, fellas, cant do shi-at about it. Too bad." This was several years ago. I couldn't believe my ears. Now, roll forward to the spring of 2009. I get an email informing me that my $400,000 retirement fund has disappeared. I dig deeper and find out that the filthy rotten bankers/money launderers who were responsible have disappeared, too. Probably to some Caribbean island where they have the dough stashed in their off shore account. And, of course, the big time "for the people" politicos "can't do shi-at about it. (I'm wondering how much of my $ they are getting paid off?) What a country! Justice? Where? We're on our own boys and girls. Beans and bullets never made more sense. Second rant for the day is over.

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