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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A good resource for preppers

I found a gold mine of information today. Go to this blog: and look at the right hand column. See the "State Prepper Networks"? That's it. I went to several of them and WOW, what a lot of great information! Its never to late to start preparing and if you can't find the info your looking for, you ain't trying hard enough!


Kymber said...

Ron - thanks so much for the shout-out to the Arizona Preppers Network and the American Preppers Network!

i am the moderator of the Canadian Preppers Network and by default, an affiliate of the American Preppers Network. The American Preppers Network and Canadian Preppers Network are a new addition to the concept of prepping and preppers and are very glad to find folks like you to direct our readers to!

Have you joined your state Preppers Network? and contributed articles from your blog? because i am very glad to say that as the moderator of the CPN - i am not the least bit perturbed by "poaching" some great articles from blogs that i find south of the Canadian-US border and you have some mighty-fine articles that Canadian folk would love to read!!!

so if you are okay with me cross-posting articles from your blog to the CPN - drop me a line at and i will have a cross-posting field day with some of the articles that you have posted here - our readers at the CPN could really learn from you! but as a true affiliate of the APN - i must say - contact your state prepper network as well...and let them know of the gold-mine that you have been hiding here!

so nice to have met you Ron!


Drumrunner said...

Thanks for mentioning my site,
It has been a couple of years in the making, but my first intent was for H5N1 avian flu preparedness, but just in time for H1N1 it seems
Hope you find some items there that helps in preparations.