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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good reasons to be prepared

This is one of many blogs I follow: Be sure to read his guest article for today. I find that most knowledgeable peoples opinions differ 180 degrees from what the government run media (all of it is government run, basically) and "Dear Leader, the Anointed One" have to say about the economy. I have read quite a few books about the Federal Reserve and I can't believe we have been letting such thievery take place for all these years. Some folks say that presidents have been assassinated for even attempting to get rid of the Fed Reserve (JFK). When the uber greedy bankers are threatened they do what comes naturally. They use any means, no matter how dirty, to hang on to their filthy lucre.
Anyway, I see so many things falling into place with this dieing economy. We have the water issue here in California and the politicians are only doing lip service to remedy it. Do they really want the people affected to take up arms and force them to turn on the pumps? Yes, there are folks who feel this is the only way its going to get fixed! Well, when it comes to that, we're all going to be in deep do do. Another thing is the price of gas and food here in the workers paradise. I paid $3.05 a gallon for el cheapo gas the other day meanwhile listening to KMJ in Fresno all week about the price of oil falling. Gee. Who's making out on this deal? Take a guess! We have such an obscene cost of living here due to all the illegal aliens living here on welfare and the stupid irresponsible people on welfare. I mean, come on, a woman has 1 kid out of wedlock and the state bends over backwards to give her a house, money car, and food. They are rewarded for being STUPID!!! So what does she do? She has 3 more to a few low lifes and gets even more welfare!!! The illegals come here and the whole damn family is treated like welcome guests! They even give them "proxy" social security cards so they can apply properly. Sickening. What ever happened to deportation? Well, ask Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi. They think its "inhumane". What BS!! So, we who work and live here have to pay out the wazoo to support these morons and meanwhile the economy tanks so what next? I don't think its going to be very pretty when the fan is shat upon. Just imagine how these creeps will react when there are no more food stamps to sell for their drugs and the check is NOT in the mail. Its pretty bad now, wait till these things take place! I won't be staying around any towns, no matter how small. Everyone who even looks like they have anything will be a target. This is also a good reason to tell NO ONE about your preps. Rant over, Ron signing off.............................

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