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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Book review: "How to Survive Anywhere" by Christopher Nyerges

I bought a copy of this book at Borders and I'm very pleased with it. Instead of the usual litter shelters, stick compass's and other common survival topics, this book goes quite beyond the norm. It does cover these items but it covers things you wouldn't find in most survival guides. It has a good balance of primitive skills and modern techniques. It has a lot of how to projects such as a capote, solar box cooker, water filter and water storage techniques. There are also bark containers, cooking tips, hygiene, a pack made from plans and other useful items.

One thing I like is at the end of each chapter he makes a chart showing different items discussed in the chapter with pro's, con's and comments on each one.

Christopher Nyerges is the editor of Wilderness Way magazine, runs the School of Self Reliance and has written many other books and articles.

Heres a breakdown of the contents:

Fire, Lighting, Energy
Health and Hygiene
Clothing and Shelter
The World is Tied Together with Fiber
Tools and Weapons
First Aid
What is Survival?

On the down side, some may view the book as an area exclusive one due to the many plants discussed such as agave, yucca, soaproot, etc. Granted these are western plants, but, the information and techniques discussed in the book can be used anywhere in the world.

I give this book an A+ rating and highly suggest you buy a copy.

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