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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A good reason to practice water purification

Here's a short video I took to show what lives in a drop of water. Magnification is 100x. This is typical of most water you find in the wild. Its also available on You Tube and here's the link;

Here are a few still photos of different water creatures. The first three show a species of Vorticella connected by fine threads to the root of a Lemna (duckweed). The first photo shows a few Lemna "infants" floating to the left and at the bottom. Vorticella feeds on tiny creatures such as Paramecium, Volvox, and others which you can see in the above video. These are 100x magnification.These creatures can all be removed with a good water filter. Moving water does not contain the same abundance of life forms as still water. If I were drinking water from this pond I would use a good pre filter to keep my filter elements clean.

This photo shows the larva stag of Cyclops or similar species, a tiny crustacean. Again its 100x magnification.

This photo shows a Diatom or Desmid. I'm not certain which or its species name. More Vorticella at the bottom left.


Anonymous said...

I believe it is so important to have a water filter in your home. I can have pure water without being concerned about what's being added. I found my filter at said...

I'd also choose to boil water, if at all possible. Water filters can remove m-o-s-t of these "bugs", but only if functioning perfectly.

Boiling, however, is fool proof.

Also, no need to boil for minutes on end. Once the water reaches the boiling point, rest assured its safe (even at high altitude).

Ron Layton said...

Thanks, Survival Topics. I use a home made filter (just to remove particulates) and boiling is my water purification technique of choice.