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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Pocket Cooker

I had a chance to fire up the pocket cooker. I used some scraps of seasoned hardwood, species unknown, but just about everything grows here in central California so it could be anything. (I make it a habit to pick up any small pieces of hardwood, 24" or less long, in my travels. Its amazing how much is wasted when folks cut down the trees in their yards ). Any way, I got the stove burning good, no sweat, and after it was eating the big stuff (about 4" long and 1" diameter) I set my Zebra pot (model 14CM) on with about 32oz. of water. 4 minutes and I had a rolling boil. Outside weather conditions, light rain, cloudy, no wind and 45F. I give it an A+. Tom Sciacca, who owns (where I bought this one at a very good price) said he would like to see a titanium version of this stove. Since the steel one like mine weighs 2 pounds a titanium model would be sweet. Probably weigh about 8 to 10 oz.? I used to make lots of coffee can stoves and this one works on the same basis, but being made of much thicker steel it will last a very long time provided a person treats it good. My coffee can stoves rarely made it through a summer without major rust out/ burn out.

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