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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paper Back Swap

You may have noticed the little button at the bottom of the page called "Paper Back Swap". This is an online book club I belong to. Here's how it works. You register an account for free and list all the books you want to offer. Here's the good news. You can list paper backs, hard cover's and audio tapes or disk's. When someone wants one of the books you have you respond to the request and mail it off. All you pay for is the postage. You can download the shipping label and print it out. When the person receives your book you get a credit so that you can request a book. So far I have received "Survival Skills of the North American Indians" by Goodchild and "Basketry Today with Materials from Nature" by Meilach & Menagh. I have seen listed "Outdoor Survival Skills" by Olsen and several others of interest to the readers of this blog. You can set up a daily digest by category and it will arrive in your email. At present there are more than 2.5 million books listed covering just about everything. If you decide to join please refer my name and email address so I can get the credit if you would. I hope you consider this club. I think its very worthwhile.

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