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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tools used for wood working

Heres an answer to a question I received. What do you use to make your wood/bone/antler stuff? Here are a few that I use. Besides stone tools, I use these tools, too. The first three photos are some small planes I use. The brass bodied ones are from India and they work great. The blades are good high carbon steel and they hold a good edge. The only thing I had to do to them was hone them when I bought them. The plane in the third photo is a small block plane. I use this for planing larger pieces such as bows, throwing sticks, etc. Its about 3 1/2" long but has a 1" wide blade. The brass ones have a 1/2" wide blade.

This photo shows some of the knives I use. On the right are my Warren blades and chisels. The handle is the brass and wood one. These are really super blades that hold an edge. The blades in the plastic box's are various X-acto brand as is the handle.

In the next photo is a Nicholson combination rasp/chisel. It has a half round fine rasp on top and a flat fine rasp on the bottom. I removed the plastic handle to make it more portable. The golf ball handle fits the hand very well and its a lot easier to control. I simply drilled a hole the appropriate size 1/3 of the way into the golf ball and jammed the tang in.

This photo shows my small chisels. These are high carbon steel and hold a great edge. Again, I use a golf ball handle for ease of control and less fatigue.

For safety I use this cohesive wrap. I buy the big rolls from sporting good stores. Weight lifters use it to protect their hands. My wife saves hers for me when she gives blood. I wrap it around my fingers to protect them from minor cuts and nicks. This stuff works great. Some wood carving stores sell it. Its called "Wimp Wrap".

This should answer your question and give you some ideas for making/improvising your own tools.

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American Bushman said...

I love the golf ball handle. That's a very clever idea.

Great post.