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Sunday, July 20, 2008

More knives.......

Here are some more of my knives.............

The first photo shows a big bowie style my father in law gave me. The only markings on it are "STAINLESS". I have no idea where it was made or by who. I modified the sheath by dropping the handle loop down. As for the handle I didn't like the open hollow rivets so I filled them in with pieces of bamboo chop sticks. I then re-profiled the handle. I use this for a machete (thats about all its good for). It works very well in that capacity. If it gets broken or damaged, no big deal. Don't get me wrong, I still treat my tools carefully. I'm not a fan of big stainless steel knives, but since this was a gift I decided to fix it up and use it. The blade is a whopping big 12" long, 3/16" thick, and 17 1/2" overall.

This next photo shows a knife I made several years ago out of an industrial hacksaw blade. The copper looking strip is actually phosphor bronze. I heated it and fit it over the saw edge to protect the sheath. It slides on and off easily. I still put a liner in the sheath made from a piece of milk jug. The scales are walnut. My wife decided she really likes this knife so it's hers. Blade length is 8 3/4" and 13" overall.

Heres a close up of the blade.

This is a handy tool I picked up at a close out sale for all of $3.00. Since its made in China I figure thats about all it's worth. I use it for gathering wild edible plants and herbs.

Heres an other photo of the above knife.

Heres an old carbon steel blade I re-handled. The sheath has two holes at the top for a neck knife lanyard. Blade length about 3".

This next 4 photos show another home made knife. This one also belongs to the wife. It has a deer antler handle with a nice piece of silver mounted turquoise in it. I made the blade from some kind of semi-stainless steel, stock removal. It sparked like crazy but it doesn't rust. I have no idea what it is. I set it up as a neck knife. Blade length about 3".

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