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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ax sheaths

Here are some shots of my ax sheaths and the "Our Own Hardware" single bit ax after hanging a new handle. The head is a bit worn and dented. I left it mostly as is after using my angle grinder to take off any excess mushrooming from the former owners bad use. I then used carbide paper to sand it down and take off any surface rust. This is one abused ax! I worked on the edge and its sharp enough for use now. It took a long time to even up the edge but its worth it. This head rings like a bell when tapped and is now a great cutter. I split some fire wood and had no trouble. If anyone knows the history of the "Our Own Hardware" company please let me know. They probably outsourced the manufacture of their tools and had companies like Plumb, Collins, True Temper, and other make them.

after scraping off varnish-this wood is quilted like tiger maple-beauty!

new sheath front

new sheath back

showing extra piece I glued inside to keep blade from cutting through

process of gluing extra piece in-this is how I clamp everything together-I just sized and cut the extra piece of leather

process of gluing extra piece in-you can see a bit of it sticking out on right-here the sheath is bent and clamped to let the rubber glue set

shot of the end of the sheath

another end shot-the rubber cement has set and I'm ready to cut to shape and rivet

I Made a similar sheath for my Norlund hatchet. Here's a shot:

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