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Monday, July 18, 2011

Earthquakes and monitoring them

I am very interested in earthquakes since I live in an earthquake prone state. I have a program on my computer called 3D Earthquake. It automatically scans and updates all the earthquakes all over the world. There is a free edition but the $20 edition has way more options and well worth it if you are concerned. Here's a link to their site: 3D Earthquake

I have been prepared for quakes since I moved here. Even though I'm prepared, I could still loose all my preps depending on the magnitude of the quake. If there is major structural damage my preps may be trapped under a ton of debris. There are chances the preps in my car could be destroyed by falling trees. Its just a risk I have to live with. Its part of the reason that knowing primitive skills will come in very handy. Even if all is lost I feel I have a very good chance of making it.

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