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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acorns part 3

This is the photo section of the acorn posts. The first photo shows a bowl of ground acorn meal. I set my Corona on a fairly coarse grind and this is the result. The amount of acorns used to make this bowl of meal is the small handful shown in the third photo.

This next photo shows the leached meal. Its still very wet and when dry has a lighter color. I did notice a small problem. The meal is a very sticky and bunches up into a porridge consistency. This makes it a bit of a chore to leach as you need to break up the lumps with a spoon between leaching sessions. Perhaps I should try to make the grains a lot bigger, maybe 1/8" or so? I have a feeling they would still stick together since there is a high starch content to acorns. There is no bitterness whatsoever in this final meal.

This is the handful of acorns I used to make this batch of meal. Its all halves and it still has ice crystals on it from the freezer.

Here's a shot of the acorns fresh out of the freezer.

This photo shows the first run of water through the meal. It looks like weak coffee and the taste is very astringent. I wonder if there is enough tannin to use for a hide? It would make a great wash for poison ivy!

The next three pictures show my Corona grain mill. Its a heavy brute, solid cast iron electroplated with tin for rust prevention, and is made in Columbia. These are sold throughout central and south America for grinding corn. Some folks say they are no good for flour but I like to use whole wheat flour and this grinds it to the perfect consistency in my opinion. The last photo shows the unit broke down for cleaning. I bought mine from Wisemen Trading several years ago for around $25. I see they are going for nearly $40 these days. Still, its a great mill that will last a lifetime. Here's a link:

Thanks for your patience everyone! Now that I have a better camera the photos will improve and I may do a few short videos.

1 comment:

Cate said...

I was surprised by how easy the grain mill was to use. Definitely one of our better purchases. Now, what are you going to cook for me with the ground acorn??