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Monday, November 30, 2009

Whats happening

Cameras are what is NOT happening! I have gone through two cameras in the last month. An Olympus and a Nikon. Both unexpectedly failed to function. I have a sneaking suspicion that its my computer. I realized lately that both cameras have SD cards so I will take the cards out and put them directly into the dock on the computer instead of hard wiring the cameras. There may be some kind of voltage thing or wayward commands being sent to them? I haven't a clue. I have a very good anti virus program so that isn't a problem. Maybe things will get back to normal soon.

The acorns were dried in the oven at 140 for about 6 hours and put in the freezer until I could finish the post.

There's been a lot of activity over at Bushcraft USA lately and a lot of new faces. 1,415 members as of today! WOW! When I joined in November of last year it was a few hundred at most. Its become very popular.

I have a lot of projects planed for the winter months so I will keep everyone up to date with some good "how-to's".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been a visitor there but am finding that too many Marketing Maggots from a few companies have invaded the site acting like they actually use the stuff..this same thing ruined a certain backpacker website..Most of the posts were phonies and only selling you a product.... So be watchful...They kicked me off that website when I outed a couple who I caught lying about a trip on the PCT. You were either there or you weren't and they weren't there when I was there but they said they were...Big lie..So becareful..