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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The article below is from a forum where I hang out, Bushcraft USA. This pretty much sums it all up.

A Bushcrafter Is (Original work by DrGizmojo)

A Bushcrafter understands, appreciates, and respects the Natural World. Neither sappy about Nature, nor arrogant to its reality, the Bushcrafter is constantly learning how to develop his crafts for living with Nature. Confident in his skills, a Bushcrafter could be placed in the wilderness with nothing more than the clothes on his back, a knife, a blanket and a pot and improvise needed shelter and tools, acquire and store potable water, build fire for safety and comfort, forage, hunt and fish for food, and progressively add comforts and technology to his situation.

A Bushcrafter is fiercely independent and self-reliant. Neither sentimental nor cynical about the world around him, he uses his own wits and common sense to judge the world around him. Because of this, he is frugal with his finances, resourceful with materials, and smart with his preparations to maintain his independence and freedoms.

A Bushcrafter is big-hearted and encouraging with others of his persuasion, and generous with those of lesser resources. Though he may be a hermit most of the time, he loves to rendezvous, and has a fondness for tall-tales, history, and simple humor. Able to laugh first at himself, he lustily laughs with others. He may be able to sing, whistle or play an instrument, but a lack of talent never stops him from enjoying himself.

A Bushcrafter is passionately patriotic, often having served in the military himself. He believes in the values that made America great, and the form of free-market republican governance that stands at its core. He is proud of the country that---built through smarts and sweat to the highest standard of living---has done more good for more people, stood tall as a beacon of liberty and opportunity, and served to protect and defend liberty throughout the world from the chains of tyranny and despotism.

The Bushcrafter prefers simple, practical and rugged over the fancy, complicated and fashionable. He will adapt and utilize any of the latest technologies to achieve his goals, yet understands that old ways, in their tried-and-true simplicity, have bounteous virtues.

Though the Bushcrafter is a practical observer of the worldly, he understands that some things are bigger and more mysterious than man can comprehend or explain. Nonetheless, he gains strength, humility, and resolve from the Creator.

The Bushcrafter knows there is much to learn, and he enjoys his journey on earth.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Bushpuukko