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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The staff

I subscribe to Backwoodsman Magazine and have for many, many years. Its the best outdoors magazine there is in my opinion. This latest issue had an article about the versatile staff. One thing I read makes a lot of sense and that is if the staff is taller than you are there is a lot less chance of trying to impale yourself in a fall. Good idea! So, anyway, I managed to rescue this from the tree shredder about two weeks ago and its a mulberry sapling about 6'8" long and 2" diameter. I'm 6'2" so this is fine. I've been coating the ends with wood glue to keep it from cracking and I plan to leave the bark on. It seems to want to crack a lot so I give it a good coating every day. I imagine I'll be doing this till it stops since its green and wet. I'll be sure to post any further modifications in future posts.

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