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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Turn on the water!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had a rally in Fresno and 15,000 people showed up for it! Did you hear about it on your news station? Probably not. The rally was about water. Specifically the Fed has turned off the pumps in the Sacramento/San Joaquin river delta to protect a smelt. A small fish that is caught by the millions in Lake Superior alone. Oh, and now they found a never before seen sturgeon and to top everything off they spotted a killer whale. In a fresh water delta far from the sea. Yea.......right. This water they have turned off is what supported hundreds of farms and over 180,000 jobs in the San Joaquin valley, also called the Central Valley. Now these farms and people are destitute with no water to grow crops and those jobs taking care of and harvesting them are gone. These farms are on the west side of the valley. I live on the east side. So far we don't have a water problem here. Yet......... Did you know that most of the vegetables, fruit and nuts grown in the US are grown here? Is this a way of forcing our farms to shut down and force Americans to buy food from other countries? A way for "The Annointed One" to force more global BS down our throats? An awful lot of folks think so. A lot of the signs at the rally read "If you like foreign oil, you're gonna love foreign food!". Do you trust other countries to practice safe methods of agriculture so that the food you buy from them is safe for you and your family? I didn't think so. Please, what ever you do, just take a few minutes and write your congressman and ask them to turn on the pumps NOW!!! Our future is at stake and the safety of your family and your selves.


Tim Noble said...

Great blogg.

Bill said...

Hi. Sorry this is off topic. I saw your post on finding mozarkite at Lake Truman in Missouri at a forum but thought it might be easier to reach you here. I'd love to know exactly where on Lake Truman, if that is something you would like to share. Thank you.

Ron Layton said...

Hi Bill! Not a problem. I found most of it west of the Thorny Ridge campground that juts out into the lake. Go to this page for a map: I did find a few big pieces but mostly small stuff. The chert there is Burlington and is famous amongst us flintknappers as being quality stuff. Hope you have a good time and find some Mozarkite.