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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here are some photos of my artifacts from various places. These are original tools that were used in day to day, life or death, survival. I replicate some of these styles and use the tools experimentally on wood, bone, antler, etc. Even though some of them are broken they were still usable. I would imagine they weren't thrown away until completely worn out.

This first photo is of a knife from near Denver, Colorado. Its made from petrified wood.

This is a photo of a small knife or scraper. Its from near Grand Junction, Colorado. Its made of fine grained quartzite.

Heres a photo of another small knife from the same locality. Its made of chalcedony.

This is a photo of the reverse of the above blade.

This is a spear head or knife from western Pennsylvania. Its made from Flint Ridge, Ohio flint. The quarry at Flint Ridge has been in use for thousands of years for the quality flint it produces.

Heres a selection of various blades and scrapers from near Grand Junction, Colorado. The two bottom ones are made from a glassy quartzite.

Here is a photo of two artifacts from the Grand Junction , Colorado area. The top one is a broken arrowhead or knife and the bottom a micro blade.
Heres a photo of a very nice knife from Grand Junction, Colorado. Its made from a black chalcedony.
Heres a photo of a quartz blade from Oro Valley, Arizona.
Thanks for looking and enjoy!


Mungo said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing. I'm considering do a little flint knapping, but I've got to find a supply...



Anonymous said...

hi there I live inGrand Junction CO now and I love arrowhead hunting. I have only been here 3 weeks and if you could give me a few hints of where there are some good spots to go I would appreciate it much. I use to live in San Luis CO and did arrowhead hunting there just had to watch out for snakes. But its fun. My e-mail address is

Thanks for your webpage and info.