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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the economy, stupid.........and general randomness.

No, I'm not calling any of you fine folks stupid. Just quoting a politician of dubious reputation. Wait a minute. They ALL have a dubious reputation. Whether the last name ends with an R or a D, it makes no difference. Just my opinion and I've been working on one for 58 years now. The economy. Actually, you could say "what economy?" Folks, we are in a world of hurt and its right around the corner. Not just the US but the rest of the world is having a money value crisis and trying to find ways to shore up near worthless currency values. And the borrowing. Countries all over the world are borrowing BILLIONS of dollars from the World Bank. I don't like the idea that one entity has such sway over a major part of the worlds money market. What will happen if they call all their markers in? What will those countries (including US) do? "Interesting times" indeed. Sort of like having a few major corporations in charge of food supply. Oh, wait a minute. They already do. Google ADM, Monsanto, Cargill and see what they own. See what influence they have in the USDA. If you grow something they don't want you too, you will loose everything you have and worked for. I watched the movie "Food Inc." and if you haven't had a chance to see it, please rent it, stream it, whatever. Its the same reason I feel uneasy knowing one entity can put the whole world in severe financial difficulties to say the least. If you read your Bible you'll know where I'm coming from.
I work at a place where I see first hand how many people are hurting and how bad off we are, job wise. Let me say this. 6 months ago, the waiting room was hardly ever half full. Now its so full that people are standing in the overcrowded lobby and some standing outside waiting to be seen.Tempers are short and its always tense. Times are getting very tough.
These are good reasons to start a food storage program if you haven't already. If nothing ever happens you can eat your investment. I don't think that's an option at this point, so I'll keep stocking up. Its been proven throughout history that food can be used to control people. I like my freedom, thank you very much! And of course, the cardinal rule. Keep your mouth shut and tell NO ONE what you have or are doing. Its not paranoia or doomsaying. Its common sense and being smart. If we have a national calamity and food becomes scarce, wouldn't you feel warm and fuzzy having a year or two saved up? There is tons of info on how to stock up and how to go about using the food without drawing attention to yourself posted in the preparedness forums and other sites so I won't go into detail. I feel its a good insurance policy and its a lot better than a piece of paper.
"Why do you have so many knives-firestarters-backpacks-paracord-FAK's-etc etc.?" A question I get from some friends and readers. The answer is quite simple. I like knives and appreciate them for the valuable tool that they are. If I have more than one really nice, well made one, I have redundancy. That is, I have a backup to the backup and its backed up. Though I am very careful with my tools, breakage can and will happen at the worst time. Also, there are different tasks for different designs and  having a wide selection of designs is something I've worked hard for years to build up. There's the charity role, too. If I have several dozen ferro rods, I can hand one out to a needy person and feel no loss and build up a base of friends while I'm at it. Same goes for backpacks, cheap knives, fishing tackle, band aids and other gear. I even have spare tents. In tough times, friends and allies will make life a little easier and may even save it in extreme circumstances. Also Biblical.

Be well and be prepared. We ARE living in interesting times.

1 comment:

Mo said...

Well said. Better to get the preps and skills now before it becomes a matter of survival.