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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back at it.

First off, thanks to all who sent best wish's, etc. Thank you very much! I'm almost done with treatment and I think I got it licked. Skin cancer can be deadly and mine was very close to becoming bone cancer and that would have been a big bummer. As it is I now have to go for a skin checkup every 4 months and watch sun exposure. I was an idiot when I was in the Army and got a lot of nasty sunburns on my arms and back. I thought I was too macho to work outside with a shirt on. I'm paying now. Any time you get anything on your skin that acts weird have it checked out. Most times its not a major issue but then early detection can save you a lot of grief.
I've been keeping busy with a lot of woodsy/prep type things and I've picked up a few pieces of new gear. I will have an excellent guest article written by a friend on peak oil. Very thought provoking. If anyone else wishs to do a guest article, feel free to contact me.
One new piece of gear I'm excited about is a Kukri made by Ontario Cutlery from New York. Its the only American made Kukri that looks like its Nepalese counterpart. I'll destroy a few limbs this weekend and post the results with pics. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and patience.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're OK. Best wishes!