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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vision care

I wear glasses. I need them for both reading and just a little help with distance. Its important to have more than one pair with you in a disaster/emergency/survival situation. That's why I have a spare pair in my BOB. Now if you have prescription lenses like mine (tri focals-my 57 years are showing) there is a cheap alternative to a full bore $200 pair of glasses. This site on the nets sells prescription glasses starting from $7.95. That's pretty cheap and they work. They may not be designer frames but being able to see trumps style any day in my book. Now if you just need some cheap reading glasses just take a trip to your friendly neighborhood dollar store. I have bought some very good reading glasses for $1. Made in God Knows Where but they work and both lenses are the same power with no distortion. Ya can't beat a deal like that! If you don't know your prescription, simply try several pairs on until you find your comfortable magnification at normal reading distance. When I first bought a pair of these I just went around the store and found an item with real small print. I took it over to where the glasses were and tried on several pair until I hit on the right formula of distance and magnification. If your eyes feel strained or "crampy" then you need to go up in magnification. My eye doctor said this is the lens of the eye straining to adjust to the glasses. I get along with anything for reading from 2.25 to 2.75. Of course these are strictly reading glasses and won't help at all for distance.
The first two photos show a pair of light weight space saving reading glasses from the dollar store. The case had a clip like on a pen but it broke off. No big deal since I carry them in my bag. I have a pair in the glove box of my car, too.
Photo #3 shows a repair kit. Everyone should have one in their BOB and for EDC. This one was $1 at the good ol' dollar store.
Photo #4 and #5 show a pair of glasses that fit in a case which in turn fits in your wallet. These would fit nicely in a BOB or EDC kit and not take up any weight or space.
Photo #6 shows yet another repair kit. This was a dollar store purchase, too. This is smaller than the kit above and will do the job. My wife picked one of these kits up at a seminar she attended. They have the company logo on the case. Not bad for a freebie. Again, for a buck a piece you should have one in every bag/kit and in your glove compartment. Sure beats screwing around with a paper clip when you loose that damn screw!


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