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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Food in the news

I have been reading the paper and listening to the news on the radio. My ears always perk up when something is said about food problems in the world. I am keenly aware that there is price fixing and such going on but these are natural disasters and will most assuredly affect us.There were two problems mentioned in the last week and I feel they are important enough to spread the word about. First is the rice crop failure and damage due to floods in Pakistan and India. Look for rationing again like last year. Remember that? I do. You could buy only one bag at the grocery store. Another is the recent wild fires in Russia and a mention of huge wheat fields going up in flames. This bothers me because our government is stupid enough, especially the current regime, to sell all of our wheat reserves. It happened before. Were does that leave us? Screwed. Prices of everything will go way up. Unless we thought ahead and prepared. Think about it.

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