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Monday, September 21, 2009

Book review: be careful what you read out there!!

I picked up a copy of this book and I'm sorry I did. It is very poorly done. There is disinformation and some of it is deadly. I feel this book is not worth $22.95 and there are much better and cheaper alternatives out there.
For instance on page 264 there is this gem: "Pokeweed is poisonous if not boiled, but one plant provides a lot of food." If you eat ANY poke other than the first shoots in early spring with no sign of purple on them, YOU WILL DIE!!! Children have been seriously poisoned just by eating a few berries.
In the section on fire I read this: page189 "Magnesium bar. This is a good piece of kit to have with you whenever traveling. It works in any climate, even wet, and is simple to operate. Like flint, the idea is to strike the magnesium bar to create sparks." Huh? A bit too vague, don't you think?
I notice he relies on the good ole FM 21-76 which has been relied onto death. Most of the drawings really suck and are third rate and there are some very easy to spot errors in some of them such as the trigger to the trap on page 224. Notice its backwards?
Flaking a stone knife blade on page 290 is a lousy joke. The drawing is poor and the technique, once again, is vague.
The only good thing about the book, according to my friend Tomahawk, is the cover. At least I agree on that point.
I went to the site and again, I was even less impressed. Paris Hilton?!?! A low budget, no brainer MTV type movie?!?! Survival "expert"?!?! I think hes just another in a long line of "so called" survival experts who rely on a Hollyweirdish persona such as Grylls, Lundin and Brown to name a few.


pathfindertom said...

being a green beret, navy seal, usaf PJ, coast guard rescue swimmer etc. does not qualify you to write a book on survival.

i took a look at this authors bio and aside from army SERE school i didnt see any other survival experience.

kinda makes me wonder where he gets his "Expert" status.


Order Meds said...

This is a book where you are not in danger of dying coz of a misprint. This is a book that can get you killed by following what the author said. Sheesh.