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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Storage containers

Here are some storage containers I use. The first picture is of different coffee cans, both metal and plastic.

This next picture is of jars and coffee creamer containers. I use a piece of scotch tape to label the contents of the jars. I write directly on the creamer containers with a sharpie.

The next picture shows some large plastic containers which held biscotti. I get these from work when they are empty. To my benefit, they throw them away.
The next picture is of more coffee cans of various makes.
Here are some more jars and creamer containers.

I use these types of containers for short term storage and any that seal well, such as the jars, I use for long term storage. The creamer containers are the least air tight and I use these for food items that see regular use and are often refilled. Surprisingly the coffee cans hold a good seal. I've kept dry beans in them for as long as a year and there were no problems with staleness or pests. Things like pasta and different grains and meals like cornmeal and oatmeal are kept in the biscotti containers. I use gallon containers such as Arizona tea comes in for water storage as well as 2 liter soda bottles and 5 gallon blue plastic containers. I rotate the water every 4 months. I'll discuss plastic buckets in my next post.


Albert A Rasch said...

Howdy all!

In addition to saving containers that can be used for storage, don't forget to save the silica packs that are found in many consumer goods.

You will have to do a search on how to reactivate them, I can't remember the process right off the top of my head!

I use them to keep my reloading dies, tooling, and assorted other stuff, rust free.

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles said...

Containers are easy to repurpose and come SHTF will be more useful than ever