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Friday, January 4, 2008

Building a digital survival library

In last evenings blog I mentioned I had been building up a library of files from the internet pertaining to survival and preparedness. Here is a list of sources of some of the files.

The first link, "the disease", has some good info in the form of pdf's and other type files. A lot of the survival stuff is old BBS from the 90's. Still, a lot of good info on a little bit of everything.

The next site is loaded with tons and tons of survival, self reliant, and low tech info. Its Alex Weirs CD3WD project and its in 44 parts that come out to 16 GB of data. Some of it is region specific such as Africa and Central America but very little that cant be used anywhere in the world. Great stuff!

This next site has some interesting stuff and is worth a look.

This next link is the ultimate one for books about anything and everything. I use the advanced search function and get better results.

The next link is the best one for info on herbs and wildcrafting as well as edible wild plants and ethnobotany.

The next link has some interesting stuff but I've heard from sources that there are some things here that are copyright infringements so use discretion.

The next link is for Mother Earth News archive of articles. Well worth a few hours browsing and remember to use the search box.

The next link is to Old Jimbos site. Lots of good stuff about knives, goloks and axes here as well as general survival info.

Heres a link to outdoors magazine. The book "Bushcraft" by Richard Graves is available here in pdf format as well as lots of other great stuff.

Heres the Bushcraft UK site. More good stuff to download.

Here a link to Survival and Self Reliance. Tons of good info.

Thats it for now and there are plenty more good sites. When I find something useful I save it to a file and either keep it as is or modify it for easier storage into a pdf. The pdf program I use is "Pdf995" and is a free download program. Also, you will need to download Signature995 as well as Pdfedit 995. Just do a google search. I hope this information proves useful to you.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might also enjoy

Its more self-sufficency oriented than survival but I think it fits with the theme of your post. Thanks for the info links! :^)

Equipped to Survive Forum

Michael said...

It would be great if someone compiled this info onto microfiche and sold it as a survival library.
After all if you are planning for disaster contingency, devices as complicated and delicate as computers is not the ideal medium to store your info, whereas a piece of film and a magnifier is much more fault tolerant.

Gene said...

i noticed u don't mention tom brown jr is his spiritual side a bit overwhelming for ya lol yea a excellent survivalist but damn i am not native American and only have so much knowledge of what the hell he is talking about